Accreditation Canada

Duval Clinic is extremely proud to be rated as providing the highest level of quality of care by Accreditation Canada. The clinic was accredited with honorable mention. This accomplishment is thanks to the legacy created by the former team, led by Dr. Duval and Dr. Lavoie, as well as the level of excellence, commitment, and … Continued

Large Diameter Heads Total Hip Replacement Is our Optimal Solution

Hip replacement surgery, also known as total hip arthroplasty (THA) requires an artificial device to be placed in the damaged hip socket. In the past, a small diameter femoral head, which is the ‘ball’ in the ‘socket’ of the hip joint, was used to replace damaged hips. There were some disadvantages to them such as … Continued

The Benefits of ERAS : (Enhanced Recovery After Surgery)

While going home after a knee or hip replacement is a happy event, this transition can also be a source of concern or anxiety for patients and their caregivers. Using the ERAS protocol, the patient’s condition can be improved and a safe and rapid return home can be achieved, possibly the same day as the … Continued

What is Enhanced Recovery After Surgery (ERAS)?

Dr. Vendittoli, who has been working as an orthopedic surgeon at Duval for more than 15 years, has led an interdisciplinary task force to improve all aspects of the arthroplasty procedure. This collaborative work has taken place over the last few years and has improved how doctors and other health care professionals are approaching joint … Continued

Recent studies present an optimistic outlook for patients with knee and hip replacements.

The question ‘how long will a joint replacement last?’ is frequently asked by patients — up until now, specialists had limited information to share. However, thanks to two recent studies, doctors can now offer patients some reassuring news: 3% of patients that have undergone a total hip replacement with a ceramic prosthetic require a second … Continued

Clinic Update

We are proud to announce that on Monday February 1st, 2021, we successfully performed our first of two total knee replacements with a surgical robot. Duval Clinic has acquired Zimmer’s ROSA surgical robot to further optimize joint replacements surgeries which advances the arthroplasty techniques we use at the clinic. Zimmer’s ROSA Robot is an addition … Continued

Personalized Arthroplasty, or Joint Replacement Surgery

Personalized Arthroplasty Joint degeneration is something that 1 in 8 Canadians will experience. The cartilage that protects and cushions the connections between our bones wears down over time. Unfortunately, this can cause discomfort and sometimes unmanageable pain. After options like medication and physiotherapy have been exhausted, most people turn to joint replacement surgery. Arthroplasty, or … Continued