By: Clinique Orthopédique Duval

While the clinic is currently closed due to the pandemic, we want to extend our well wishes to all of you. We know that these are times when our “normal” routines and habits are disrupted by world events outside of our control, so let us offer you some ideas to stay healthy.

The present circumstances are especially challenging for people who:

-are over the age of 70

-are suffering from arthritis of the hip or knee

-don’t leave their house

-don’t receive visits

-are unsure of the length of the current situation

Dr. Duval proposes an alternative method of coping with the emotions that arise in challenging times such as these. An exercise of the mind as a way to evoke and share positive energy which in turn will bring you some peace and comfort.

You could decide to stick to your routine and stretch, exercise or sleep…

Or you could try thinking outside the box.

I know that what I’m offering is not a medical treatment and a far cry from orthopedic surgery.

Let’s call it humanitarian work.

Or some kind of brainstorming.

It’s a strength of mine, but it can also be a flaw…

So, here is my suggestion for today:

  1. At home, find a photo of someone you know who is alive and who inspires you.
  2. Find an inspiring poem you’ve never read before. Look through your book collection, search online or call your friends and ask them to find you a poem online or elsewhere. Avoid poems about illnesses, viruses or death. Choose one about love or friendship…
  3. Text in hand, take a slow walk around your house and memorize the words. Do not simply read the words in your head. Become one with the poem. Read it aloud. When you feel pain or stumble on the words, don’t get down on yourself. Instead, look at the photo of the person you chose and remind yourself that you’re doing this for them.
  4. Practice as many times as you need and when you’re ready, call the person on the photo, tell them why you chose that specific poem and read it to them.

Your physical pain may not go away completely, but you will certainly feel a little better.

Dr. Nicolas Duval